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Professor Morwenna Griffiths

Morwenna Griffiths holds the Chair of Classroom Learning in the Moray House School of Education at Edinburgh University. She has taught in primary schools, and at the University of Isfahan, Iran, at Christ Church College HE in Canterbury, and at Oxford Brookes, Nottingham and Nottingham Trent Universities. Her recent research has included philosophical theorising and empirical investigation, related to epistemology of auto/biography, social justice, feminization, pedagogy and the relation of educational philosophy with policy. Her books include Action for Social Justice in Education: Fairly Different; Educational Research for Social Justice, and Feminisms and the Self: the Web of Identity. Her most recent work focuses on the significance of joy in education for social justice and on the significance pedagogical relationships in teaching and teacher education.

This web site gives details of her teaching, her research students, and her publications on

Philosophy of Education

Social Justice



Action Research and Self Study

Auto/biography and Personal Narrative

Other research including visual methods and arts-based learning



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